Block 2 Day 2

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Back Squat 5×12@ 50%


Lateral shoulder raises

Front Plate Raises

5×20 Ring dips

5×10 Hanging Knee raises

BroFit 0012

100 BB Bicep Curls

100 Skull Crushers

Every time you stop one immediately switch to the other. Don’t go too light, if you get above 25 reps on the first set start over heavier.

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BroFit is Live!!

Hey Y’all!

its been about 9 months since CrossFit Upheaval closed! At the beginning, it was super hard. There was depression and feeling lost and lacking purpose. That being said after moping around for awhile I decided I needed to start to rebuild. So the past 6 months or so have been trial and error finding what works and what is cool in the fitness arena. Out of that trial and error BroFit was born, we were always hardcore at Upheaval and despite losing that for a second I never truly lost the desire and urge to still be hardcore and push the limits of what the body and mind can handle!

That all being said I have put together an online program that can be utilized in conjunction with another program or can be a stand alone fitness program. It utilizes all of the ideals of CrossFit but adds in more of a stabilizing and hypertrophy aspect of fitness in addition to the weightlifting and HIIT.

Check out there are some sample workouts on there as well! And I will be posting more! Subscribe to the page, check out my instagram. Email me, text me 5127749723. Sign up for full programming on the website and utilize it on the push press app. Tell a friend!

Regardless, take your workouts up a notch! This programming is straight fire guys! I’ve gained like 5-10 lbs of muscle (more sleep helps too)! No more 4:45 wake up calls for me!

Hope to hear from you guys!